The Rolling Stones said it best; "You can't always get what you want but if you try sometimes you just might find, you get what you need." 

Do you ever struggle with what you want vs what you need?  It can be the IPad you've been thinking about, remodeling the kitchen or as simple as eating an apple instead of that cookie.  Webster defines a need as: a physiological or psychological requirement for the well-being of an organism.  They define a want as: to have a strong desire for. 

I certainly have a strong desire for those new shoes or even that personal training tool that I could use for myself but also with my clients.  However, I have to ask myself; "will having it make me better at my job, more fit, or just look cool? Do I NEED it?"

On the other hand, a requirement for your well-being.... We make so many choices in a day that sometimes we forget if we have met those needs.  Are you getting enough sleep in the night?  Are you choosing foods that are high in nutrients to keep your body healthy and strong?  Are you spending time with people who bring positivity and growth into your life? Are you taking time for spiritual growth?

We often get distracted with those fun and shinny advertisements wanting to share gifts especially this time of year.
I can't really advise you on the IPad or remodeling, except to say, as long as all your true needs are met and you can afford it... go for it!  When it comes to food choices, don't feel guilty about throwing out the left over cookies from your Christmas party.  Maybe this year you will WANT to share the gift of health by giving those you love something they NEED. A healthy alternative recipe for someones favorite meal, a membership or training at their gym, a standing night out with friends or your partner.  I challenge you to think outside the box and find that balance, you may be surprised the joy you can bring.

Rebecca Bordelon, CPT

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