I think some of us have a gift for turning away from the things we crave.  However, the majority of us, including myself, will hear the incessant calling of those brownies until finally our bodies are taken over and we eat every last one.  Then we justify it but saying that truly it will an out of body experience and we shouldn't be held responsible.  Even I would agree with this thinking if the exercise to burn this off was also done out of body. 

What I've learned about cravings and control is this:  If your not around the things that are bad for you, you wont eat them.  Don't allow those chips to ever be bought.  Do your kids really need that candy or will they like some grapes just the same?  I asks clients every day what is truly more important to them?  Is that cookie going to give you the confidence and happiness you are looking for?  In fact I hear all the time how much better food taste once people are eating nutrient rich and healthy food.

When it comes to life long healthy eating the key word is substitutions!  Find those foods that you are not willing to live without and discover healthy alternatives for them.  Use apple sauce instead of oil, try plain Greek yogurt instead of sour cream, and if ice cream is your pleasure make a fat free cool whip and graham cracker sandwich. 
You don't have to give up the sweet and savory parts of your life.  Keep your portions low and in moderation and there is no reason you can't enjoy these too.

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