I am often asked if its good to drink sport drinks, flavored waters and recently chocolate milk.  We need to replace those essential electrolites and if we are going to drink water why not choose the ones that will make us smarter or have that loved chocolate taste?  Well there are great benefits to drinking these such as they replinish lose fluids and nutriants we lost while exercising.  People are usually more enthusiatic about drinking them which reduces the likelihood of dehydration.  Many of these drinks not only have carbohydrates but also protiens added to them to help us recover quickly from those strinuous activites.  Chocolate milk has been shown to provide as good or better recovery results then many shakes and drinks.  Its combination of sugars, protein, and water content quickly provide any lacking nutriants and rehydrates us.
I know that your thinking... This sounds too go to be true.  The real disadvantage of these drinks is that they are only needed by individuals who are participating in rigorous actives for at least a hour or more.  These drinks are designed for distance cyclist, runners and bodybuilders.  Although the rest of us may benefit from these drinks at times, we must really be careful to not ingest unnecessary calories which counters all your hard work.  Check the nutrition information before your drink it.  There can be between 50-300 calories in a single drink.  Is it worth it to you?

I recommend lots of water.  its free of calories and you can have all you want!!  If you are feeling fatigued or sore use your meal calories and get double the benefit.  A lean protein with some vegetables will bring your nutrient levels right up while not wasting those precious calories!

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