The Goal of Resolutions

2013 is upon us and with the new year comes New Years resolutions. Every year we all vow to ourselves to make changes in our lives. Get back into shape, give up a bad habit or even to spend more time with the family. Looking back, how many resolutions have you accomplished? I challenge you this year to set specific goals and post them up in your house (bathroom mirror) and most importantly, make the resolution with a friend or loved one to help both of you stay encouraged and motivated.

This year I am focusing on these four topics:
Physical: focusing on eating the right foods, getting enough rest and exercise
Social: focusing on professional leadership, cooperation and communication
Mental: focusing on read, writing, learning and experiencing the world
Spiritual: focusing on your center, values and what inspires and uplifts you

As you sing Auld Lang Syne this year, take a moment to think about the blessings you had this year, the struggles and how you got here. Like the song says, be kind and remember those old times but move forward and be joyful!

Happy New Year!!

Rebecca Bordelon, CPT

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