Take a minute to answer this question; Do you want to live at your fitness and health goals or just visit them?

If your goal is to visit 10 pounds lighter this month to fit into that dress for New Years you need to work out twice a day and restrict about 1000 calories from your diet a day

Can you see yourself keeping this up forever? Probably not! Think about shows like The Biggest Loser. These people workout for 8-12 hours a day and restrict their diet immensely. Many do make dramatic changes to their bodies but most of them don't keep it off. This is because they haven't learned how to balance life's stresses, fast pace schedules, and the convenience of bad food.

I hear people asking all the time, "I'm working out, watching what I eat, and I'm getting discouraged because I'm not seeing a change". The first 6 weeks are the most difficult for everyone. During this time it is so important to focus on small rewards. Things that will keep you motivated and hold you accountable.
    • Are you having fun working out? Do you have a workout partner or trainer to push you?

    • Are there positive things that you just haven't thought about such as sleeping better, not having your afternoon crash because of sugar, or being stronger and able to lift and carry yourself and items better?

    • Are you being a positive influence for your family and children? Are they also making better food choices or being more active?

Remember your body doesn't want to let go of that fat. You are retraining your body to this new life. That's why long term health and fitness is a true lifestyle change. There are things that you can add to help.
    • Take a multi-vitamin every day. Even the most conscious eaters struggle with getting all the nutrients they need. If your body is working hard to find nutrients, it's not working to burn fat.
    • Take omega-3 every day. These are essential to our health and we must get it in food or supplements. They increase energy, aid in weight lose, promote a healthy immune system, enhance brain function, and help maintain a healthy heart.
    • Protein! The more lean muscle we have the more fat we will burn. Muscle is active and needs constant energy. Without it our bodies will break this lean muscle down which slows down your metabolism and stores fat.

    • Find something you love to do. Or get a trainer who will keep things fun. But most importantly... keep moving and stay positive!! This is your life, don't give up!

Rebecca Bordelon, CPT

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