According to the book Treadside Manner, Greg Justice talks about four "P's" to make a great personal trainer. I believe these are the same attributes you should look for when choosing your trainer.

1. Passion
2. Persuasion
3. Perseverance
4. Patience

Passion: you can't fake it and it is the cornerstone to success. Have you ever met someone who has that endless energy, wide excitement and motivates you to be a part of whatever they are doing just because it seems so fun? Trainers should have a passion to educate clients to truly change their lives.

Persuasion: why should I make these changes in my life? Your trainer should not only motivate you to hold that plank 10 more seconds or remove the white flour from your diet, but they give you the reasons why this will make such a difference in your life.

Perseverance: life seems to constantly try to throw us off track. If work, family, and tough times aren't enough... let's throw the holidays in there. Exercise increases your endorphins which helps us deal with stress but never underestimate the power of having someone on your side. Your trainer should be dedicated to you, body and mind.

Patience: health and fitness is a life long focus. Some of us are naturally good at sports, or cooking, or sales or teaching. However we all must learn how to take care of ourselves. What you are doing today may seem challenging but remember, it's just something you haven't mastered yet. Your trainer should always make you feel confident, calm and supported.

Finding the right personal trainer for you may seem intimidating. Maybe you never thought there was a difference, but when you find that person who keeps you reaching for the next step, who smiles through the tough moves and who takes the time to teach you how, you have a great personal trainer and friend.

Rebecca Bordelon

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